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How to Buy the Perfect Gift for Others

Updated: Apr 9

It happens to me every Christmas shopping season. There are at least three people who are impossible to buy for! PERSON ONE is my mother, who has particular preferences about style and fit. (My husband tells me I fall into this category, too). PERSON TWO is my father, who buys what he needs or wants for himself, because it never occurs to him that in two weeks he will have three grown children and a wife racking their brains about what to get him! And then there is PERSON THREE. PERSON THREE is usually a person I don’t know very well, perhaps my child’s teacher, the person whose name I drew at work or neighbor that has watered your plants or fed your dog.

Honestly, I can’t help you much with gifts for person’s one and two. We can go have coffee and commiserate about trying to shop for them, but that’s all I have to offer there.

But for PERSON THREE, I have a list of “Go To” gifts that are usually very well received!

Baby Yoda Tervis Tumbler
  1. 1. A Hydro flask or a Tervis- Because most everyone can use a good, leak proof to go mug

  2. An umbrella- This is something most everyone needs at one time or another, but never bothers to buy for themselves

  3. A triple header USB Cable- At some point, this is something everyone will find very useful!

  4. A candle- You really can’t go wrong when buying a woman a candle

  5. A pair of Smartwool socks- Once you’ve worn Smartwool socks, all other socks pale in comparison

  6. A unique piece of artwork- A piece of original artwork ensures it’s something they don’t already have.

  7. An ENO Hammock and straps- Give the gift of relaxation with a hammock and the straps are easy to use so there’s no frustration setting it up

  8. Whiskey River Soap- These soaps are hilarious. They’re sure to make the person you’re buying it for chuckle.

  9. Bluetooth wallet- For the guy who is always losing his wallet.

  10. An Otter and Oak Gift Card- This is a last ditch effort for when you really have no idea what to get that hard to shop for person.

I hope you find one of these suggestions helpful if you have to buy a birthday gift for your brother’s new girlfriend, or a Christmas present for your cousin Fred. As to trying to find the perfect gift for your mom or dad… well, my offer for coffee and empathy still stands. ~Jackie Farley

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