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Perk up your day with an assortment of beverages at Otter Cafe

on the menu

Otter Café is located upstairs in Otter & Oak. Grab your drink and have a seat in Rivertown Gallery overlooking downtown Hinton, WV. Place your order online by clicking the 'order' button above or selecting a single menu item below. You can also call (304)466-4870 or order at any register for top notch service.


$3.79 - 4.49

Coffee with milk and milk foam.



Cold brew coffee 



$1.49 - $4.99
available in store only

Individual milk and dark chocolates with an assortment of fillings. Please order in-store.

Some sugar-free options available. 


$2.00 - $2.50

Our fresh made drip coffee.

coffee cake_edited.jpg

coffee cake

available in store only

Scrumptious coffee cake made fresh by The Market.



Coffee with milk and flavor syrup, ice, whipped cream and drizzle. Assorted flavors available.



Milk, ice, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and drizzle. 


Coffee, milk, milk foam, and syrup of choice.


Coffee, milk, and syrup of choice.

refresher for


Fruity iced drinks perfect for a hot day!

Assortment of flavors available.



Thick smoothies in an assortment of fruit flavors.



Hot tea - mint, Earl Grey, Chai Black, English breakfast, and chamomile available.

Otter Cafe customers can order online or at either register in the store. We'll gladly bring your pre-paid beverages outside for curbside pick up. Alternately, you can come relax and enjoy the view of downtown Hinton from the seating area by the picture windows at the front of the cafe. Take a few moments to peruse the local art in Rivertown Gallery.

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